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Once again I found something great through Michael Surtees. He tweeted about an interview with Etsy’s Interaction Design Director Randy Hunt. 10q | 10a was realized by squareFACTOR, a design studio from Florida. The concept is pretty simple, it shows you a person infront of a camera, he/she gets 10 questions and in the best case the person gives back 10 answers.

But the format really convinces me. You get a great insight into the persons beliefs, thoughts and motivations. It’s plain and simple, like good design. Via the interview with Randy Hunt you get answers to questions I really would ask a designer myself, like “When and why he wanted to become a designer”, or “Who inspired/inspires him”, and “How he is working”, just digital or analog.
This first part shows the first five questions/answers. I am looking forward to the next 5 and to the next interviews. I hope squareFACTOR stick to designers. I would love to get more insights in designer’s minds. And they should put up a simple page where they collect the interviews and give a short introduction.

And if you, squareFACTOR, are looking for some new interview partners, I really would like to hear/see the first five people from that list. Most of them are in New York as well.

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  • Sean

    Hi, thanks so much for the kind words. We do have other designers we’re preparing to interview, and we’re planning to put up a site specifically for the 10q | 10a series. As of now, the list consists of local designers, but we’d like to branch out to include national/international participants when possible. I think you’re inspired us to add a “request a designer” feature as well!

  • Markus Reuter

    @Sean: Wow, thanks for the answer. I’m glad that I inspired you to go on with the project and add some features. It is a great project indeed. Looking forward to see more! And your ideas of a site and to expand it internationally is just awesome!

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10q | 10a by squareFACTOR