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Wow, if you ever prayed for a source where you get a simple but detailed overview about design like me, you will thank Dominic Flask as much as I do. I really appreciate what he created. Design is History just became one of my most favorite websites of all time.

“As a designer it is important to understand where design came from, how it developed, and who shaped its evolution. The more exposure you have to past, current and future design trends, styles and designers, the larger your problem-solving toolkit. The larger your toolkit, the more effective of a designer you can be.

Part of the graduate thesis of designer Dominic Flask, this site was created as a teaching tool for young designers just beginning to explore graphic design and as a reference tool for all designers. It is supposed to provide brief overviews of a wide range of topics rather than an in-depth study of only a few. It is a constantly evolving, changing, expanding reference library.” via

I love the details he put into his graduate thesis. Just take a look at the page about the author. I just love it.

Thanks, Dominic, for all the work. It was totally worth it. At least you have one huge fan from now on, who will be thankful and enjoy your page.

Go and appreciate Dominic Flask’s portfolio (for example the “Justice Revival Viral Video” below) and follow him on twitter.

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  • Nancy Stock-Allen

    FYI Since 1999 there has been a similar reference tool on the history of graphic design on the the web. It is a non-profit educational site written by an expert who has taught graphic design history for 20 years. Check it out for complete and accurate information in a specially designed student friendly format.

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Design Is History