Lemonade – Make something, make yourself into something

I knew I would like the short documentation after Johannes reported about it. When he says it’s inspiring, it is inspiring. And the documentation Lemonade about people taking their chances although they were just disappointed is just fantastic. You can watch it here completely. And really, watch it!

“What do people who were once paid to be creative for a living do when they’re laid off? They get creative with their own lives. Lemonade is an inspirational film about 16 advertising professionals who lost their jobs and found their calling, encouraging people to listen to that little voice inside their head that asks, “What if?”” (via lemondemovie.com)

Are you wondering about the title? I am not.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

I don’t know where the saying originally comes from but I heard it at first at school where we read the novel “Make Lemonade” by Virginia Euwer Wolff. I can imagine it is pretty much self explaining.

For me this film is really inspiring and gives hope and motivation. In less than a year I will be done with my school and will go out there into “the wild”. I still have no clue what exactly I am going to do and many people in my circle of friends and acquaintances also just got laid off or have to do part time job. But most if the time I am just excited and don’t see the dangers and hurdles. I see chances, challenges and ways to do what I want to do.

Two phrases in the documentary really got me:

“The thing that is the most dangerous, is to NOT do anything. Make something, make yourself into something!”


“Don’t be the person who is out there looking for a job, be the person who is out there doing something interesting.”

And now take yourself an hour and watch it, get motivated and do something (even if you have a job).

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  • Der Marc

    Hi :)

    Also ich hatte grad nur Zeit, mir den Trailer anzuschauen. Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass ich jetzt wirklich sehr gern den ganzen Film anschauen würde. ;) Sieht nach einer sehr inspirierenden und bewegenden Dokumentation aus.

    Vielen Dank fürs Vorstellen!

    VG Marc

  • Markus Reuter

    Ja oder? Ich finde so ein Film motiviert ungemein! Freu mich jetzt schon derbe auf die Zeit nächstes Jahr, wenn ich mein Studium hinter mir habe und Dinge endlich verwirklichen kann!
    Habe soviel Ideen im Kopf, die müssen einfach langsam raus…

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Lemonade – Make something, make yourself into something