Montreal Expo Passport from 1967

Back in 1967 the International and Universal Exhibition, short Expo, took place in Montreal. And Ian Smith reported in his blog Smallcano about the story that he looked through some stuff in his parents’ basement and stumbled upon a ticket/passport for the exhibition. And like Ian, I am overwhelmed of the idea, the design and just all the brilliant other aspects of the “Passport to Man and his World”.

What really gets me is the idea behind it. They organized an exhibition for 50 million visitors and 62 nations were participating, so they came up with the idea to design the exhibition ticket as a passport. Like the one you are travelling with. And you get stamps for every pavilion/nation you visit.

The passport was designed so detailed and so persuading, I am really fascinated by the phrase inside:

“Our theme ‘Man and his World’ portrays the growing interdependence between men in our time. We hope you will share your faith in a common destiny.”

Apparently the passports for children were blue and the ones for adults were red. You can find some pictures here.

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  • Yeah Sara

    I sincerely love this idea. It reminds me of an Erasmus party I was once invited to: to claim the international aspect of the celebration, they made the pamphlets look like these huge blue signs at airports that show the leaving dates, and the tickets were designed as boarding passes.

    The passport is, of course, of much higher quality and with a higher lasting feel to it. I think that’s one thing you’d remember forever, no matter how shitty the actual expo might have turned out to be. Thank you for posting this, it’s absolutely inspirational (and now I want to throw a huge party and give out passports instead of tickets, and everyone has a stamp, so whenever you meet someone new you can exchange stamps.. that would actually make for great conversations!).

  • Markus Reuter

    @Yeah Sara Thats a great idea, we create a huge party/event and everybody gets his own stamp (with name/url/twitter whatever he/she wants) and passport and when you talk to someone you get his stamp!
    Shall we do it?

  • Yeah Sara

    Ab-so-fucken-lutely. It might be difficult finding the right venue for it though – and don’t you think we might need sponsoring? But other than that, hell yeah I’d be definitely up for it. Now onto the next question: where? Berlin or Hamburg? Maybe two parties at the same time?

  • nordfischbaby

    Yeah guys, do that! I’d definitely love to attend a party like that. Awesome idea! Everybody could create his or her own rubber stamp – or we could swap oldschool postage stamps + the fancy “name/url/twitter whatever he/she wants”-stamp. Go stamp party go!

  • Markus Reuter

    @Yeah Sara It’s getting better and better. When you want to participate at both parties you need to get a visa! And when you get all stamps, you win a price! F**K web2.0, this is real stuff and I like it!
    Hey sponsors, will you give us money, please!?

  • Yeah Sara

    Alright, let’s think about how we could pull it off WITHOUT sponsoring, just in case we find enough people to participate.

    Venue: obviously a home of some sorts, as venues can be hella expensive (and you need a licence for drinks and stuff). Doing it at home limits the guest list and makes it a private party; that’s a major problem, private parties are not allowed to sell drinks.

    Revenue: Actually, depending on where this party happens and how much it costs, we would need some kind of income. Entrance fee is not legal, so is selling alcohol for private parties. We could call it a “donation”, but it’s a high risk.

    Or, we could make it even more DYI and have the guests bring everything from stamps to drinks to buffet. Except, what’s the incentive? It’d be like any other party with additional work to it- I’m not sure I’d have the time to carve through a stamp.

    The major issue turns out to be the passports – I can’t even make a decent assumption of how much that’s going to cost. I’m thinking out aloud here, and I’m not sure we can actually pull it off without sponsorships. Who do you think we could contact?

  • Yeah Sara

    I spent the last twenty minutes of my life looking if some store sold “fake passports” or “toy passports” to no avail. That would certainly solve our problems, maybe you’re luckier than me.

  • Ian

    Thanks for posting this here! I think my dad is gonna be pretty blown away by how much the internet likes his passport. The rubber stamp + visa party sounds pretty awesome btw.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Ian Haha, thanks for the great inspiration, your dad is gonna be famous! You should join the party! ;)

    @Yeah Sara So, I spend my last class at the university with brainstorming about what we can do. I came up with the idea, that we wanted to make our network visual, like we talked about the time in Berlin (at the Indian restaurant), right? So we could make a website where we all collect the parts of the network. Everybody of the network gets a passport. And everybody gets a stamp with the infos he/she wants to add (like I said above). And for special events (where we meet each other) we make stamps. So we collect stamps of people and events!? Like an (very) old school facebook and foursquare? I will ask some bookbinders if it is possible to fake passports. I would love to have one and would even spend some money on it.
    Good idea?

  • Yeah Sara

    Markus, I truly adore your idea, it’s fantastic! :) It could be like a secret lair of people involved. Now we would definitely have to sort out the membership process (you have to submit a stamp visual to be part of it?).

    Seriously, I love the idea because it pretty much lasts forever and it even has potential to go international (if that’s what we are striving for eventually). There’s one bitter taste to it though: i won’t be here to be part of it very much :( I’m leaving in October. But maybe we can already set stuff up until then?

  • nordfischbaby

    Markus, I kinda like your idea of a “general network passport” but I think you should definitely stick to the “stamp party idea” – even if it is just to celebrate the start/birth of the “stamp community”. We could also check fleamarkets, maybe somebody sells tons of old passports there ;)

  • Markus Reuter

    @Yeah Sara Then let’s get things started! At first we need a cool name! I will meet with Jan on saturday and start some creative and programming stuff! When you leave, you can start collecting things anywhere in the world. Imagine how funny it would be if you give your “creative network”-passport to the guy at the airport, haha.

  • Yeah Sara

    @nordfischbaby – I think the party is a given :) It absolutely makes sense to have a small get together. I’d stick up for hosting it even as long as it doesn’t overload on people.

    @Markus – hah, you know what would be great? if everyone used their OLD passports! I still have my old passport lying around, I could definitely use it. I know not everyone has one, but what if those who had one used it anyway?

    The name… I had “The Stamp Collection” in my mind the whole time.. it’s like, we’re a network, so it’s sort of a collection.. and stamp could be used as a postal stamp as well as a, you know, stempel. I think. And since we’re already on the English speaking side here, why not keep it that way? (thats just an idea by the way, let’s brainstorm together about the name!)

  • nordfischbaby

    The idea of re-using old passports (Kinderausweis would be cool as well) is great and I like the name “The Stamp Collection”. My brainstorming led me to “stamptation” ;)

  • Yeah Sara

    @nordfischbaby: hell yeah stamptation :D that’s just gorgeous thinking there, i love it! i was thinking, re-using old passports is great and all, but it might lose some of the “network” feeling.

  • Yeah Sara

    @Jan: wenn es sowas für Reisepässe gäbe wäre das natürlich ideal, außer wir wollen von unserer ursprünglichen Idee etwas abweichen und einfach Zertifikate nehmen (Geburtsurkunde usw)? Finde der Style von Pässen hat was, vor allem, weil es ja um Zugang und Erlaubnis usw geht, was unser Netzwerk auch haben soll.

    Oder sehe ich das zu eng?

  • Patrick

    Bin ja auch für eine art Reisepass. Schülerausweise, Urkunden etc. werden mit der Zeit kaputt gehen. Außer man laminiert sie, dann kann man nur nicht mehr stempeln.

    Daher tendier ich doch zu was robusten, gerade wenn man dass über Jahre hinweg durchzieht.

    Wenn ich in zwei Wochen wieder auf der Arbeit bin, werde ich mich mal schlau machen was da so möglich ist. Haben da doch einige Kontakte.

  • Paulchen

    Epic Idea! I’m in!
    If someone dont have a stamp, there could be some potatoes and then you could make some quick and dirty stamps :)

  • Markus Reuter

    I have the first offers, we should collect it somewhere else. I start a Wave, it’s necessary. And I found this stamp, we should makle our collective stamp like this! A cookie stamp.

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Montreal Expo Passport from 1967