The Genius of Design

Just a short note. The BBC documentary about the history of design called “The Genius of Design” (more infos here) just got published on Vimeo. The first two episodes are online. I found the following quote in the BBC Shop where you can also purchase the DVD collection (which I am thinking about to do):

“This five-part series, made by the team behind the award-winning series The Genius of Photography, tells the story of design from the Industrial Revolution through 20s modernism, the swinging 60s, the designer 80s and up to the present day. Features interviews with star designers like Philippe Starck and creatives from Apple and Ford; as well as design fans like Stephen Fry.”

Epsiode 1: Ghosts in the Machine

Episode 2: Designs for Living


As you may have noticed, unfortunately the videos were deleted on vimeo. As soon as I can find any other source, I will name it here.

Another Update:

Steve added a source for the videos in the comments. If you want to watch them, go here (maybe it is not the most legal way). Thanks, Steve!

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The Genius of Design