What’s going on?

Hey folks, you might ask yourself what is going on with Better Taste Than Sorry? After the relaunch there were some posts and for several weeks it got quiet here. I am sorry, but there is a lot going on in my life currently. I will name it now. Most of the things have to do with some real life projects, some are digital and some are both. In total they are all fun, take a lot of time and most of the things could be interesting for you as well.

Kitchen Guerilla

You remember the awesome cooking events, right? I am supporting the guys with some digital work. We make it bigger, brighter and better.


There is a new thing coming to Hamburg, called Tidenhub. Tidenhub is the German word for the difference between high and low tide, between ebb and flow. I won’t say what exactly Tidenhub will be like but you can trust me when I say it will be great.

Cognitive Cities Conference

I am also part of the organization team for the Cognitive Cities Conference.

“The Cognitive Cities Conference wants to pick up the vibrant global conversation about the future of cities and bring it to Germany. By bringing bright minds with different perspectives together, it is our ambition to enable not only an in-depth exchange about the current state of affairs, but also to foster new projects.”

So save the date: Oct 2-3 2010, in Cologne.


Last week I went to the third session of the project Nexthamburg. It was really really cool. Nexthamburg is a think tank of people who want to influence the urban development of Hamburg. Do you see the connection to Cognitive Cities? Right, awesome. So, last week we created some ideas for the city center of Hamburg, but we didn’t just collect ideas. We did some serious crafting. We builded little models of how we want the city center to look in 2020. Some of the ideas were: free WLAN in the whole city, more use of the urban garden “Planten & Bloomen”, creating a high line like in NY and saving the creative and alternative parts of Hamburg. I loved the ideas and also the work. Below you can find some visual impressions.

True Fiction

For my university, I was working on a project. I can’t tell a lot about it. But the result is pretty overwhelming. I think within the next two weeks I can show you some more. But I can say that cutting film is not my favorite job.

St. Pauli Webworker Lunch

For several weeks now, we try to meet once a week and have a lunch together. We? We are several people who work in the neighborhood of St. Pauli/Schanze in Hamburg. Most of us got something to do with the web, either they are coder, social media people, builded their own art network, or something else. It basically started after the ignite, where we wanted to keep in touch with each other. So far following people attended: Sven, Stefan & Stefan, Andreas, Max, Christian, Arne, Jonas, Florian, Julian (I don’t have any idea why we are just male for now). And we are meeting again this friday.

Better Taste Than Sorry

You may be interested in what the future of my blog will look like. Basically I can say so much that there is not nothing going on right now. In fact there is a lot going on right now. I am in contact with some people for interviews, which will fit perfectly into the new direction of Better Taste Than Sorry. If we are lucky, the first interview could be published this week. And you may have found the little feature on the upper right corner. The feature is in a beta status, it will be developed in the next time (thanks to Jan once again).

What else?

I am currently in preparation for my diploma. And I would like to combine my “professional” topic education with my “passion” design. I will see what the future brings but you can be sure that you will hear about it as soon as any decisions are made.

And now photos of the Nexthamburg session:

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  • Markus Reuter

    I like how the things are going lately. It is a lot and I hope I can manage it all with satisfaction. And how about you? What is going on in my readers’ life?

  • Malte

    Großartiger Artikel – ich liebe es sowas zu lesen, denn ich weiß, dass etwas dabei herauskommt. Hier ist kein Platz für Blödel-Artikel. Lass dir Zeit und mach weiter mit deinen Projekten – Die guten Leser sind geduldig :-)

  • Paulchen

    Ich finde es auch spannend zu sehen was du grade alles so machst, das motiviert mich selbst.
    Also bei mir ist grade leider irgendwie ne Blockade drin, liegt wohl bei privaten Sachen. Aber ich bin zuversichtlich und habe auch schon so ein paar Dinge überlegt…Man darf sich freuen, wenn es dann endlich mal so weit ist mit meinem Blog :)

  • Markus Reuter

    @Malte: Jo, ich versuch jetzt wirklich eine andere Schiene zu fahren, mehr eigener Content und schön bei den Themen Inspiration, Design und kreative Ideen bleiben.

    @Paulchen: An deiner Stelle würde ich einfach starten. Du musst irgendwann einfach loslegen. Du und dein Blog werden sich eh noch wandeln, das siehst du doch bei Allen immer wieder. UND du wirst nie 100%ig zufrieden sein, es gibt immer etwas auszubessern! Also, LOS!

  • Stefan

    Weiter so. Gute Projekte und ein guter Kopf der sie treibt. “Expect the best be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think&do your own thing.” – You certainly do. Hoffentlich auf bald.


    Markus, du bist in vielen Punkten ein wahres Vorbild für mich. Ich genieße es solche Menschen wie dich kennen zu dürfen, von den ich mich inspirieren lassen kann.
    Ich will irgendwann mal ein Projekt mit dir zusammen bestreiten!! ;)

  • Markus Reuter

    @Stefan: Yo, danke! Ja, ich hoffe auch, dass wir uns bald mal wieder sehen. Will ja auch hören, wie es bei euch weitergeht. Drück euch konstant die Daumen!

    @HUNDERTMARK: Vielen Dank für das Kompliment. Auf jeden Fall werden wir in Zukunft mal was zusammen machen. Ich denke, das kommt ganz von alleine, dafür sind unsere Interessen und unser Geschmack zu gleich!! Aber konzentrier dich mal auf NY, das wird schon ne geballte Ladung an Inspiration und Möglichkeiten. Wie gesagt, ich werde mal ne GoogleMap anlegen mit für mich guten Sachen, wo ich denke, dass sie dir auch gut gefallen!

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What’s going on?