Advices from wise men

So, what did you learn in the last time? Did you get some advices from somebody else? From people more experience than you? From somebody more professional?

Well, sometimes wiser men or women can give you some advices that move you. Like the two videos below. The one is from a wise british man. Stephen Fry, an actor, writer, journalist, comedian, television presenter, film director…

He talks about so many different things: technology, education, interesting people or travelling. And it’s surprisingly brilliant what he says. Thanks to Kai, I found this amazing interview. Maybe there are no groundbreaking new ideas or thoughts within the 30 minutes BUT that this man puts all the things into 30 minutes is worth watching it.

And Ian Bach, a designer from London, who I met for breakfast in London last weekend, stumbled upon a video of 99%. They also came up with basically the same idea: “If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Advice for Young Creatives“, that’s the title of their video.

It is very similar to the video above but it goes more into the creative direction. Different people from creative agencies, projects, blogs were asked to give advices to future creatives. Great.

I reported about the project Humble Pied about half a year ago. Which is basically the same too. Mig Reyes asks creatives what advices would they give a future designer, someone who is looking for a creative career. But Mig uploads a video every once in a while, so this is an ongoing project and if you are looking for some advices or inspiration go to Humble Pied, subscribe to it and learn.

All these things are reasons why I love the web. You can get inspired and taught by different people so easily.

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  • Mig Reyes

    Thanks for sharing all of these resources, Markus. It’s an honor and pleasure to be included with Ian and such. Also, wonderful blog. Cheers, from Chicago.

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Advices from wise men