I have to admit, before my girlfriend told me about the herakut exhibition in Düsseldorf, I didn’t know who herakut was. But the website of the gallery Springmann.Varol convinced me within a few seconds. I didn’t make any inquiries, I wanted to get totally surprised by the show.

And what can I say, the exhibition was a blast. Truly, I rarely saw something similar in a gallery or museum. I was wondering if a gallery is the right place for street art. It’s a tough back and forth when it comes to decide if street art should be in a gallery or not. BUT I am glad Springmann.Varol hold the exhibition.

Talking about herakut the whole time, I should introduce them (!) at first. herakut is a german street art duo. hera is from Frankfurt and akut is from Erfurt. The gender mixed duo has a very unique style: typical graffiti parts mash up with photo realistic pieces, combined with poetic or sociocritical sayings.

“The visual and textual content of their work is an insightful expression of their generation’s mental state. Much of their subject matter involves narrative and character studies involving multilayered textual explorations. herakut are masters of creating independent, self-contained worlds full of melancholy and profound humor. And in doing so, they see themselves as a part of an overall cultural movement, without any artistic barriers between a wide array of mediums, be it drawing, text, music or film.” via springmann.varol

On artasty.com you can find an interesting interview with the duo. And here is a very cool portrait of herakut by the French-German TV station ARTE. I like the quote: “Graffiti is more the traditional way and this here (herakut) is art with spray cans.” I couldn’t agree more.

By the way, you should keep an eye on the gallery Springmann.Varol! In April and May they had an JR exhibition in their rooms (on their website you can find a virtual tour of the exhibition). I am eagerly looking forward to the next artist.

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