Yeah, we all love icons. Thanks to Otto Neurath and his Isotype we couldn’t imagine an airport without icons. They tell us where to go and what toilet we need to enter, everywhere around the globe.

Diplom graphic designer Stefan Dziallas from Bremen, Germany, is also into icons. He orignated the agency iconwerk. His work includes Icon design, Pictogram design, Symbol design, System development, Custom type design, User interface element design, and Information graphic design. But that not enough he also started iconwerkTV, and in his first video he visualizes the creation of an icon. I love it.

His clients are not unknown, he created icons for brands like Cisco, AOL, and Corel Draw. Below you can find a collection of icons I really like. It was hard to select a few, because all of them are little artistic pieces.

Stefan Dziallas also created the cover for the fourth magazine of Design made in Germany. Respect!

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