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Rarely, a blog overwhelms me as much as the one of the New York based future Industrial Designer Leo Lei. lvl↑ is an unbelievable high class selection of good design. You will find posts about architecture, industrial design, interior design, and product design.

When I say Leo’s taste is surprisingly close to mine, I am even playing it down. Leo has the exact identical attitude as I have. I will quote his about page:

“Hello everyone! Here at lvl↑, I love everything about design. My goal for this blog is to find good design – plain and simple. My philosophy for good design revolves around the principles of functionality, simplicity, minimalism, form, and sustainability. Many believe minimalism is overplayed. I believe that designing something simple is relatively easy – but designing something good, that is simple, is far more difficult.  I will focus on the fields of architecture, industrial design, interior design, and product design, which are all broad and subjective topics within themselves. Therefore, I want to learn and share as much as I can by consistently researching, observing, and posting what I believe is valuable to myself and everyone in the design community.

I love to learn. This blog will  provide information on all of the latest trends, reports, and news relating to design. Please enjoy, and don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions.” via

And through Leo, I also found most likely one of the most important inspirations for my desk. The Secret Stash by Yiting Cheng is an amazing idea how to hide smaller stuff like pens, a sketchbook or a cutting mat. I will definitively use this idea. I won’t copy it but at least it will have a big effect on my desk. On flickr you can see a lot of other pictures of this brilliant idea.

Anyways, go to Leo Lei’s lvl↑, add it to your feed reader, and follow Leo on twitter, it’s totally worth the few clicks!

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lvl↑ by Leo Lei