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Designer/architect/teacher Miki Iwasaki is a wise man. He is the owner of mi-workshop, an archtitecture and design studio in San Diego, California, and part of The Bakery, a design collective and collaborative creative space in San Diego. What I like about him is a personified combination of a hands-on man and a thoughtful, highly-creative character.

“His curiosity in making and building things eventually led him to pursue a career in architecture . […] Throughout his academic and early professional years, Miki remained dedicated to his own art projects and furniture design, working late nights and weekends to develop and test his latest ideas. Miki’s interests and skills constantly expand as he pushes himself to explore new materials and methods.” via

The following video is a design documentary about Miki Iwasaki and his ideas, attitude, and wisdom, directed by filmmaker Jeffrey Durkin. Iwasaki explains the connection between furniture, architecture and life (like the title says). He says so much truths about IKEA, idea-realization and much more. And all within nine minutes.

I found the video via ShareSomeCandy

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  • Markus Reuter

    Oh and another reason why I am posting this, is a long-time ongoing project of mine. A while ago I created my own desk. I was (and still am) satisfied with it. And I got a lot of positive feedback. But it can be improved, of course. So, for a long while I am thinking about creating a new one. My sketch book is full of ideas and first construction plans.
    And when I am done with the current semester at university and before I will start my diploma thesis, I will bring my ideas to life. Soon you will find here a blog post about it with some questions, I hope you stay tuned.

  • sebsn

    I’ve built my own one before I moved to Hamburg and I am still content with it. It could be a little bit thicker and not as oversized as it is but for a total of 80€ it’s very nice. :)

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Scale: furniture/architecture/society