The Creators Project conquered London

Last weekend I was invited by Intel to participate at the Creators Project in London. It is not easy to describe such an event. I am still trying to handle the whole weekend, there were so many impressions. Basically there are three parts I will report about: the main event during the day, interviews with different people during the event and of course the party and concerts at night. So this is the first blog post:

The start

It all started with a press conference at the Victoria House on friday night. That was the place where the whole event happened, in the basement of an art-deco building. I was able to get a first glimpse at the exhibition and the installations. The place of issue was quite good for such an event. There were many contorted aisles and open vaults.

The press conference was very interesting. We (Mary Scherpe of Stil in Berlin an me) and some other bloggers and journalists met two of the people, who were responsable for the project, Vice co-founder Shane Smith and John Galvin of Intel. Two artists also participated the first Q&A: Trevor Jackson and Mark Ronson. They reported how the Creators Project was brought into being and how the artists were contacted. It all sounded like a fun project. Very artistic, casual and natural but still professional.

The main exhibition

Saturday at noon the main event started. It was open for public and during the day more and more people came to the Creators Project. There were several installations who had one thing in common, they were all created with new technology. Mostly digital artistic installations. Most of the time I walked around with Clemens of iGNANT. We had a great time and we also worked together but more about this in the next post.

During the day were different screenings and panels. They were very interesting, some handled the topics art and technology and one other was led by Mumdance, Jammer, Sampha and Rodaidh McDonald, who tried to produce a new song within one hour.

On the top you can see the sculpture Triptych of the United Visual Artists. Eddy Moretti, Creative Director of Vice, is dancing infront of the installation.

“The idea of a responsive LED monolith reacting to the audience’s movements not only taps into our primitive fascination with light, but also our playful, inquisitive nature. It’s a bit like trying to have a conversation with God.” via

All in all the projects were amazing. The mixture of technology was stunning. I like the quote of Trevor Jackson:

I own 60,000 records and I could tell you which store every single one came from and the experience of buying it. As for technology, I have always come up with an idea or a concept and used the computer as a tool to enhance or enable me to produce it quicker. That to me is how technology should be used. I need to experience things that have a concept and an idea to them.” via

Under every description of the installations the used technologies were listed. It was quite interesting that most of the products are also on my computer. But the difference between me and a Trevor Jackson is the ability to handle it. The artistic competence. So basically there is no difference to the tools traditional artists use. I am also able to buy a brush, a canvas and some colors but I am not able to paint a Monet.

The Creators Project is definitively an exhibition I have never seen before. The mixture of panels, interviews, concerts, installations and party was crazy and brilliant at the same time. If the Creators Project comes to your town, go and see it.

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The Creators Project conquered London