The Creators Project London – audiovisually

As I reported I was able to make some interviews with some creators and persons responsable of the Creators Project. I was able to interview the two persons I wanted. Clemens wasn’t that lucky but in the end it was great for both of us. The following is Clemens’ documentation of The Creators Project London Event – iGNAN.TV #2

Within the video you can see an interview with Eddy Moretti, the creative director of Vice, and with Joachim Sauter. Clemens did all the audiovisual work. I was sitting infront of them and asked some questions.

It was very interesting to talk to Joachim Sauter, he is a creative primary rock when it comes to “new media”. He started the design agency ART+COM in the late 80’s.

“The origins of ART+COM lie in a vision to research and develop interactive media solutions. From the very beginning the company has been committed to the future of the new media. Today we are among the leaders of the field, working on projects for industry, culture and the research sector.” via

But Joachim Sautor also gave a great talk about “The Renaissance of Space” at the event, he was talking about the changes in media and how space gets back into the focus. Augmented Reality is one example. Like Jack Riley reports in the blog of the Independent:

His contention, that after 15 years staring at screens looking for information we’re ready to start exploring the potential for digital experiences in physical space, ..” via

I did another interview by myself. But it will take a while until I worked through it. But I can ensure you it was not less interesting.

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The Creators Project London – audiovisually