true fiction

Over the last couple of months I was working on a project with some fellows of mine at the Hamburg University. You may have read about it, on twitter or elsewhere, I was complaining about cutting videos and losing a backup on a harddrive and more. All this came to an end. And all the work paid off.

I have been working for the same project for the last years. It was called ePUSH. Basically we’ve been working on making the university more efficient, more enjoyable, more futuristic.

This year the project ePUSH ended and Ole, Sebastian and me were asked to make a final project with the target to outline the idea behind the whole thing. It should be less a report or documentation, more an overview of what we’ve been doing and the sense of ePUSH. We worked together with some others, e.g. Sebastian Reuser and Christian Schauff.

So, we made a video, a short trailer, called true fiction. It shall give an insight into the current state of the university and a glimpse of the future, how it could look like.

I’m sorry that the narration is German but I think you get the point anyways:

Please give me and my fellows some feedback, tell me what you think. Thanks!

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  • DasEirakel

    Great piece of work. I like. Maybe the next step would be to go beyond university towards any type of learning and (co-)working.

  • Sebastian Schmitt

    Awesome :) I wish we could fast-forward a few years and really start studiying instead of living in a buerocratic nightmare.

    Why do I still have to print my papers and bring them personally instead of email?

    Why do I have to pay to copy 1000 pages on paper instead of getting them delivered to all my devices via push?

    I could go on, but I think you get the point.

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true fiction