A tribute to craftsmanship

Well, craftsmanship was always a passion of mine. Something I admire. My grandpa was a carpenter and my dad works with metal. You can say craftsmanship is in my genes. That’s also why I always come up with projects like my desk. During the last time craftsmanship started to be admired by many people, like him or him. And more and more videos pop up where craftsmanship is presented in a beautiful way.

I love the passion that is delivered by these videos. You can see how much these people love what they are doing. I admire that they actually make something that can be used, that is real. Not like all this internet stuff. You get your hands on things, and with your own power, ability and the help of some tools you produce some amazing things, like a stool, a bicycle or a cup of coffee.


There are several videos out there presenting the craftsmanship (some are listed below) but I want to present The New Gentleman’s Journal grain&gram. For me this is top notch of presenting the art.


Via Paul’s “new” blog Design Is Nowhere, I found out who is responsable for grain&gram. The Florida based photographer JonPaul Douglass wrote on his blog:

Danny Jones, Aaron Martin and myself have spent a good amount of our free time to create something interesting and visually stimulating. This has been a fun project so far and we hope to update as much as possible!”

I can totally agree that grain&gram is interesting and stimulating! And he is not alone with his hope. I can’t wait for the next posts.

grain&gram have a little different approach than the formats I’ve seen so far. They present the people not only in form of a video, they write a whole article about the men who produce some great stuff. They interview the craftsmen and add some beautiful pictures and graphics:

So far there are four reports about craftsmen. Sean Woolsey, a man who produces custom furniture and lighting. Greg Perkins, a musician from Houston, Texas. The English manufacturer Paul Vincent. And my favorite so far, Nick Sambrato, a passionate printmaker who wasn’t a printmaker in the first place:

“Eventually, I bought a friend’s (Austin) screen printing company. Screen printing blew my mind to pieces — printing gig posters with screens and squeegees in real ink (that ran). I learned how to screen print in two weeks, and that was it, I was a screen printer. That’s what made me fall in love with printing, because that was really printing.”

grain&gram also created an oustanding video about Nick Sambrato which makes me wanna create my own things again! Get my hands on stuff, to saw, paint, dress – create something.

Like I mentioned above there are several other audiovisual sources for craftsmanship. And I wanna mention a few.

The Scout

Tom Ran and his team of The Scout Mag created some amazing videos about so far three different kinds of craftsmen. The Mast Brothers is my most favorit one:


The Department of the 4th Dimension also created some outstanding videos about Intelligentsia Coffee, a coffee and tea house in Venice, California. I like the video where Chris Owens makes a coffe with a syphon:


Another great video presents the custom bike producers Geekhouse:

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A tribute to craftsmanship