Haldern Pop Festival 2010

Oh well, I was thinking about writing a report about this years Haldern Pop. But it was just too good to not write about it. So, I spend three and a half day at the small and pleasant festival in Haldern with some friends. We had some beer (and some more), enjoyed the beautiful weather and most important had the chance to listen and see some amazing bands.

I was not well prepared when I came to the festival. I only knew a few bands. To be honest, I just learned that Junip is the band of José González. I will not report abut every band, I will pick some highlights:


The first day started with some bands but a friend of mine and me, we went to the Haldern Pop Bar where the band Isbells from Belgium was playing. The concert should have been in the Haldern Pop Bar but the electrics where making issues. And fortunately the band decided to play an acoustic concert on the streets. It was a beautiful start for the weekend.


This day was tough, I tink I was standing 8 hours and listened to so many bands. Some of them I can’t even remember! The day started for me with Triggefinger, a rock band which could play a set in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Rox, a young Jamaican and Iranian soul queen gave us some sweet songs. Of course, the big ones Mumford and Sons and Beirut were incredible. And Junip sure ended the night with some amazing tunes at 3.30 am.


It was a day of surprises. I started with Helgi Jonsson. I saw him the first time earlier this year. After reading so many things about Kai’s and Marcel’s trip to Iceland I was totally in mood for some Icelandic folk songs. And yeah, it was perfect once again. He is a funny guy with beautiful voice and some interesting accent.

One big surprise were Villagers from Ireland. Truly breathtaking. The front man Conor J. O’Brien has such a clear voice and can play his guitar pretty well. Just check out his live performance in London:

Yeah, goosebumps guarantee. I can assure you, it was exactly that clear at Haldern.

And yeah, I am not sure what to say about The Tallest Man on Earth. I learned about Kristian Matsson via Stylespion. Like last year, when he reported about Bon Iver before he came to the Haldern Pop. And I have to agree Kai, he was incredible, the best thing I have seen for a long time. Once again I had goosebumps for the whole show.

After that Dan Deacon rocked the shit out of the crowd in the tent. He played a pretty funny and entertaining DJ set. I saw Dan Deacon at ARTE tracks before and I liked the crazy stuff me did. After The National, the Whale Watching Tour with Helgi Jonsson again and some other brilliant musicians ended this years Haldern.

All in all a wonderful weekend. And I can’t wait for next year. I hope next time Kai will join me. And I truly hope that one other special person will be able to join me as well!

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Haldern Pop Festival 2010