Intimate Strangers

Last night I got lost into the works of some creatives from Florida, USA. For example Danny Jones, he is an Art Director from Orlando and not only one (gentle-)man behind grain&gram but also runs YouAreSoLastYear with his wife:

“YASLY is a burgeoning collective. We are comprised of fellow musicians, leather craftsman, letterpress artisans, house wives and carpenters. Our goal is to cultivate old world techniques into tangible expressions of thought.” via

I virtually wandered around his blog for hours last night. An outstanding source for visual inspiration. But I always came back to one post about some videos. And I watched the following video more than five times.

“Intimate Strangers” is about “Familiar Strangers”, a solo exhibition from Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto. The film was produced by Darin Unke and directed, shot and edited by Jeremy Asher Lynch (who also has some other impressive videos).

The combination of the visually very appealing pictures and the relaxing beats of DiAL enchained me.

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Intimate Strangers