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Last week I was walking through Düsseldorf-Flingern. Not only my home town, but also the neighborhood where I’ve grown up. In the last years this part of town went through some serious gentrification, but I still love it. It is still the part of Düsseldorf, I keep hanging around most of the time I’m there.

While I was wandering through Flingern I found a store front I was not used to. It is called Open Studio. I stopped and peered into the window. Some big letters on the wall said “We are Open Studio” and I saw some other interesting details. So, I walked in and asked a guy and a girl, sitting on their desk, what Open Studio is. Julia Furtmann and Kai Hoffmann were very friendly and Kai told me their story.

Kai was working for an advertising agency before and Julia studied Communication Design. When Julia finished, they decided to start their own thing. A studio for (visual) communication. But they wanted to do some things different. Usually agencies are behind doors, secretly protecting their creative ideas and are not communicative at all. Thanks to the web more and more is changing, you get insights into their works but Open Studio has a different approach. They work is based on visual things and communication, so they wanted to open their studio to the public. I love the idea. Basically what they want is exactly what I did. I walked in and talked to them.

Here is their manifesto. Awesome.

But their studio is not only open for others to come in. They are also creating special events inside their studio every once in while, for example they had a wine tasting party of a wine seller once or they had Wilde Heimat, an interior thrift store, decorating their interior for a day. And their window decoration, basically their medium of communication to the outer world, is changing every once in while, supporting local artists and such.

Not very surprising that these two also create some beautiful work like the CI for a wine seller or the business cards for a photographer.

If you ever happen to be in Düsseldorf, be sure to say hi, definitively two people you should meet. The next time, I am in Düsseldorf I will visit them for sure!

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