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The creative industries are growing enormously and politics are noticing it. And it was just about time to support this big field of economy also politically. As I learned in Germany the creative industries are pretty good defined (a pdf) and can be separated into 11 different fields: music, literature, applied arts, the movie industry, radio, performing arts, design, press (or print media), architecture, advertising, and software/games.

The culture secretaries of the states NRW and Hamburg noticed the developments and reacted in two different ways. I met a representative of each attempt and had some interesting conversations. I like both ways. And for me this is pretty interesting because I grew up in Düsseldorf, the capital of NRW and I still have lots of friends there working in the creative industries. And I am working myself in the creative industries in Hamburg. I would like to present both attempts. Of course a lot of money is involved in both attempts, but also great ideas and approaches to use this money.

Creative NRW

A few weeks ago I met Guido Halfman of the Cluster Kulltur- und Kreativwirtschaft Creative NRW. He is an editor for the cluster and explained to me the work of Creative NRW. The ministry of culture of NRW wanted to create a way to support the creative industries. They started a pitch and two people and their ideas won: Werner Lippert, curator of the NRW Forum and experienced when it comes to new media. And the second person is Christian Boros, head of the agency Boros in Wuppertal. Both are cluster manager and responsable for the project.

What they do: I truly adore their work. They do not only give a pretty good report about the creative industries in NRW, but they also offer advices and support for start-ups, and people who want to start their life as freelancers. They support events and projects in NRW and host great events themselves, like the Creative.Heimat earlier this year. But the best part about Creative NRW is their way of communicating. You can chose between blog, facebook or twitter.It is impressive what they are publishing during the day. An outstanding collection of inspiration and creativity. Everybody who is interested in the developments and actions in the creative industries in NRW should keep an eye on Creative NRW.

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

The attempt in Hamburg is very young and still in setup. Egbert Rühl was called the head of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in March this year (here is an interesting interview with him in German). Since then the team of six competent employees are building up an institution to support the local creative industries in Hamburg. Last week I met Jenny Kornmacher, she is responsable for the communication and projects at the institution. We had an interesting chat about the Kreativ Gesellschaft and their future fields of activity. I also met Egbert Rühl for a second and he seems very nice and motivated. So I am looking forward to the results of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.

One big part of the Kreativ Gesellschaft is the support and guidance for people and companies in the creative industries. For example university graduates can ask for help if they want to start their own business or if a start-up is looking for a space to settle down in Hamburg (you may know that Hamburg so far is not well known for supporting artists, creatives with space). They also support future freelancer who need help with social and health insurance. As I heard from many people who want to go or went into this direction, such a support would be really useful.

You can find the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft on facebook and twitter. Like I mentioned above they are still building up themselves and need to find their way but I really hope that their communication will be similar to the one of Creative NRW. Hamburg has so much to give when it comes to the creative fields. Vernissages, meet-ups, congresses, bar camps, and much more. But a place/plattform where all the information is collected and presented is still missing. I hope that the Kreativ Gesellschaft will fulfill these needs.

Anyways, I am glad that politics still make some decisions that can be valued as good and supportable. I am keep an eye on their works and hope that they are not disappointing.

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Support for the Creative Industries