The Next Promise of Design

Alice Rawsthorn is a design critic from Manchester, UK. She writes columns for the International Herald Tribune which includes the newspaper The New York Times and The New York Times Style Magazine. She was also the jury president of the international jury of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2009.

Alice Rassthorn hold a lecture titled The Next Promise of Design. This lecture explored the current state of affairs in design from an international perspective.

The symposium of the Rotterdam Design Price 2009 dealt with the following issue:

Designers are born innovators, revealing the outlines of a different reality in their ideas and their work. The current political and economic climate is undoubtedly leading people in the design business to raise serious questions about the role and meaning of design. What responsibility do designers want to take now and in the future? And how should they approach the major issues in 21st-century society? (via

The talk of Alice Rassthorn is really refreshing, she takes a look of the developments since the last century, mentions consequences from design of the past and visions the current and future trends in design. She mentions products like the Apple AirBook, electric cars or the monobloc plastic chair. What I really like is the fact that Alice Rassthorn doesn’t only criticize the but also vissions solutions and fields of design that will get even more important like visualizations or user interface software. Every person interested in design should watch this video.

I found the video through a tweet of Creative NRW.

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The Next Promise of Design