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As you know I love when companies support artists and designers. And I like it when artists and designers are presented in a nice visual way. This time a company which is one of my most favorite brands ever, Incase, teamed up with Luis Farfan and Aaron Farley, partners of the THIS gallery in Los Angeles to start a video project.

The series focuses on emerging talent in the fields of art, music and design and aims to capture the people, places and things that bring us joy and spark creativity.
In the words of Luis Farfan, “We are infinitely inspired by everything around us: the sights and sounds of everyday life, the fluctuations between the seemingly mundane or overwhelmingly amazing experiences that we all go through.”

The first episode presents artist Danny Gibson:

THIS Visits presents an 8-minute portrait of Danny Gibson, a young man that escaped the cage of social class, dares to dream and is valiant is his efforts to remain staunchly nostalgic. (via

Once again mighty Johannes Klekse pointed out to it.

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THIS Visits