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I love it when I get links like this one by a tweet of Igor Schwarzmann. Within a post a few months ago, I was talking about the connection between food and design. And the team of HEL YES! brings it to the maximum. Antto Melasniemi, Mia Wallenius, and Klaus Haapaniemi, three creatives from Finland created something outstanding:

“Can furniture be made from trees thinned out from the forest?
Can a new dinner set be created from donated plates?
Can a restaurant gather ingredients straight from the forest?
Can something new come out of foraging the old?

HEL YES! is a temporary restaurant and exhibition imagined and realised by a creative team of Finnish designers and food visionaries…” (via

The idea is as simple as good. You bring together designer and creatives, you put them on a table, cook some amazing traditional food and let those people discuss about certain topics, like a design dialogue between Helsinki and London. On their website you can see sample recipes, and they even created a soundtrack for the events in London.

I just love the idea. It reminds me of the awesome dinner at the apartment, I reported about it a a long time ago.
Since I am studying at the School of Art and Design Helsinki, and I am involved in the Kitchen Guerilla, and I organized an event where creative people talked about their passion and their projects, I am currently thinking about organizing such an event myself. An event that combines all of my interests and beliefs: food, design, ideas, sharing.

What would you think of that? I will let this idea travel trough my mind and give you some feedback soon.

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food & design? – HEL YES!