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Yesterday I noticed that I had some visitors on my blog from the Australian blog Sample Gallery and I was really surprised that they added me to “The finest in creative writing/thought/curation/design.” I am really thankful for that. And since they proved so much taste, I took a look at the other pages they presented.

And then I found Astheria.

“ provides design articles, viewpoints, and resources that are not the same regurgitated, rewritten, articles which plague the discussion of design on the web.” (via

And I can assure you, Kyle Meyer delivers what he promises. Kyle is a designer and the director of Interactive Design for AIGA Minnesota. I first stumbled upon his article Design is a Drug. Although I am not a real professional designer I totally know what he is talking about. I know the addictive attitude to analyse stuff, to look at things, see aesthetical mistakes and have the urge to make every design as perfect as possible.

Another blog post was mentioned in the related blog post section: Learn About Design, Not Making Things Pretty. And once again I can’t agree more to Kyle! He quoted Andy Ruthledge:

“Creativity is not design. Creativity has nothing to do with design. Creativity is bound by no laws, rules, or strictures …which is perhaps why it’s so intoxicating […]. Design, on the other hand, is based entirely on math, psychology, human perception, and a host of rigid rules and laws […]” (via andyruthledge and

That is exactly the reason why I never would call myself a designer. I think I can say of myself that I got a pretty good aesthetical sense, I am very accurate and critical when it comes to design and I would call myself creative but I never learned to design professionally. I never learned the laws, rules or strictures of design. And I never had the chance to study the history of design. Some of you would say that you can teach yourself to be a designer. But I agree to Kyle, you can make things pretty easily but you need a lot of skills to be a good designer. Some people might have talent but I think it’s the same with sports until a certain part of ability you can be really good but to be outstanding you need professional teaching/training.

I am really glad to have found Kyle Meyer’s blog Astheria. I am looking forward to read more stuff of him. If you want you can follow him on twitter as well.

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Kyle Meyer and Astheria