NKOTB interviews Lester Garcia

NKOTB is the short term for New Kids On The Blog and the newest project of Philipp from Hundertmark. He builded up a team with Vivian Ronge and Natalie Mura from Berlin and started a blog about fashion, street style and other fashion related stuff.

Philipp is currently in New York and he got the chance to make an interview with Lester Garcia, a stylist from New York City. The result is pretty amazing. I love the photos and the questions Philipp asked. Like Philipp mentioned he was influenced by the style of Freunde von Freunden, which I think is not bad at all. But not only the photos themselves are good also the content. Lester’s apartment is pretty cool. I would be interested in seeing more photos of his desk. It looks really interesting!

But there is also one thing in his apartment what I am really jealous of. The banana pillow of Andy Warhol. I saw it at kid robot when I was in New York City and I always wanted to buy it. And when I decided to buy it, it was sold out. The banana is really cool. It is not only one of the most famous symbols of Pop Art, but also on the cover of Velvet Underground & Nico. I listened to Velvet Underground/Lou Reed a lot while I was in New York. The perfect music for the city.

Besides the great photos, Philipp also recorded an interview with Lester Garcia. The video is also really cool. You should jump over to New Kids On The Blog and read/watch the interview and take a look at more photos. Philipp, my respect, great work!

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NKOTB interviews Lester Garcia