Tongues – records and delicacies

Food and music. Records and delicacies. Is there anything better in life? And the thing is, if you combine these two things it becomes the perfect couple. Christopher Schweiger and Peter Fehringer from Vienna had the same idea and opened a beautiful concept store in the Austrian capital. It is called Tongues.

The location service unlike says:

“The locale is divided into a food and a vinyl store, both with the same charming, rustic design. Peter’s food department serve up warm dishes made from only natural ingredients as well as selling regional and national bio products.’ Nextdoor, Christopher is busy specializing in some fine tunes—selling mostly vinyl (old and new) from a wide variety of styles including rocksteady, jazz, ska, dub, krautrock, ambient, industrial and electro—with a main preference for electronic styles. On some days Microthol’s Constantin can be found behind the counter preaching his profound musical wisdom.” (via vienna.unlike)

The interior looks really nice. And the products are well chosen. Christopher Schweiger is professional DJ and decided to sell the following genres: Rocksteady, Jazz, Ska, Dub, Krautrock, Ambient, Industrial, Electro, Electronic Body Music, New Wave, House, Techno, TripHop, Experimental Hip Hop, IDM, Electronix, and Elektronika.
Peter Fehringer is responsable for the delicacies. Only Austrian and regional products are sold. Products which were produced on fields and grazings Peter knows himself. Some of the organic and authentic products are offered as some small tasty dishes you can enjoy in the store.

Whenever I will come to Vienna, I will stop by, enjoy some fine tunes and have some lunch.

I agree to Daniel Zander of BelowTheClouds, where I found Tongues, it is a wonderful idea.

Take a look at their facebook page to stay up to date and get some more impression.

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  • Igor

    In Copenhagen, near the Meatpacking District, there is one of the best coffee places of the town cold ‘Café Vinyl’. It’s a small place, packed with the best Vynil and the coffee is just mind blowing. Definitely a must visit place, if one visits Copenhagen.

  • Kathrin

    Nice place, I have to check it out when I’m in Vienna next time. You should check out a place called “Phil” in Vienna as well – it combines a café and a book- and vinylstore and it only has unique pieces of furniture. If I recall it right, you can also buy some of the furniture there.

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Tongues – records and delicacies