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A (long) while ago I was talking with Philipp about a creative space, where you can work in every imaginable way. A place where you can do your crafts, like wood working, tailoring or fine arts like photography, painting or anything else. We imagined a warehouse where you can live out all the creative dreams you have.

And last week I stumbled upon 3rd Ward. The New York Times calls it a “D.I.Y. utopia”. But the thing is, it’s not an utopia, it’s real and pretty awesome. This falls class cataloge has the theme IDEAS MATTER and their introduction says:

“At 3rd Ward, ideas matter. No idea is too crazy, no project too difficult. From our wood and metal shop to our fully loaded media lab, our three photo studios to our private and collaborative work space, 3rd Ward was built for leaders and game-changers, people like you who don’t follow the stream, but forge the future.” (via 3rdward.com)

3rd Ward is exactly the way we imagined it. A whole warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. it sounds great, it looks great – it is great!

3rd Ward is a member-based art and design center for creative professionals in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We are committed to providing resources, opportunities and a dynamic creative network to our members and the community-at-large. Our space houses multiple photo studios, a professional wood & metal shop, a fully loaded digital media lab, a jewelry studio, shared & private work space and a large selection of interdisciplinary classes. Throughout the year we also offer exciting events and opportunities for artists.” (via 3rdward.com)

It is perfect. It combines creative co-working spaces like The Shelter in Dubai or the Betahaus in Berlin and Hamburg with every creative field. Not just web people. And the events sound great, like the Pig Roast or the All-You-Can-Eat Jambalaya.

And since Philipp works now as a VC, I should ask if he supports me starting such a creative space in Germany. (since humor doesn’t work in the web, I better mention it here)

But I am honest when I say that it is an utopia for me. A dream. In Hamburg we don’t even have an open photo laboratory.

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A Creative Space