Going South

Well, Kai and Clemens reported about the trip already. So, I’m in the need to mention it as well! We’re going south, one day in Munich. We are doing a job, together. I am looking forward to work with these two, Mr. Stylespion and Mr. Ignant. They are good in their jobs, I hope I can fulfill the demands as well.

As you will mention, my suitcase looks a little bigger and I have a little more stuff to carry than the other guys. My reasons were the last days, I am on the road for a little while now. And that is also one reason why it will take some time until I write down my experiences from Shanghai, Essen and Düsseldorf. It was all amazing, I can tell that so far. The other reason are the events that will follow in Hamburg. But in the meantime I won’t be lazy, I will structure my thoughts and try my best to give you some good insights into my latest experiences.

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Going South