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Jeff Staple, he’s the man. If you deal with topics like inspiration, design, urbanism, street style.. you should know him. If not, you have to change it immediately. Jeff Staple is THE man behind¬†Staple Design, but there is a great team as well. A clothing collection, a creative agency, a retail store, these are the three main categories where Staple Design operates. The following video by¬†R+I Creative for their project Brand RMX gives you a great picture of Mr. Staple and his projects. His thoughts are big and I love his attitude (for example when he talks about perfection) and his calm appearance.

On the website of Brand RMX you can find a second part of the interview with Jeff Staple, where he talks about inspiration, his team and the foundation of all. You should definitely watch it.

I like that Jeff Staple is not just a fashion designer for street wear. He has brilliant ideas and realizes them, like the Reed Space, a retail store in the lower east side of NYC (and Tokyo) where you can find clothes, magazines, art and other creative stuff. I remember that I was there while spending a year in NYC, I loved the store but I never heard of Jeff Staple back then.

Every once in a while I take a look at and breath in some fresh inspiration and creativity. And that’s what I am really into, they do this hot stuff and keep communicating about it.

Once again Johannes was the one who talked about Jeff Staple and his genius stuff while we had a coffee in Berlin. Thanks for that, Johannes! And I found the video via Kitsune Noir.

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Jeff Staple