Mood Collection

Outstanding and breathtaking pictures, soft classic tunes, and great content. You don’t need more for these amazing videos of Paul Mignot. With his project Mood Collection, Paul takes a closer look at the human being:

“Paul Mignot centers his work around the human animal, on observing him, on really looking at him, on listening to him in conjunction with the visual. He loves to sublimate the reality of life.
Mood is the honesty of images laid over meaningful music, set in a jewel-box of aestheticism and emotions.” (via

Four videos that are all unbelievable emotional. Reflections in a dawn in New York, a metal factory from Czech Republic as a symbol of the financial crisis, a religious celebration on top of Johannesburg and the beauty of a poetic visualization. Very different moments but all human.

I chose to show the christening in South Africa, it looks so peaceful. But please watch them all, it’s totally worth it!

found at Maria Popova’s brainpickings

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Mood Collection