Outstanding works of INHOUSE

INHOUSE is a creative studio which does amazing print and digital design including arts publishing, book, web, logo design and corporate identity. They are Based in Ponsonby, New Zealand. And I have to admit, I fell in love with their work right away. The do beautiful but minimalistic work. They have a great taste when it comes to pictures, typography and layout.

Like the works they did for &co, a winery aslo from New Zealand. It is so reduced but well chosen. See their description:

“&Co represents simplicity – of purpose, provenance and production. The winery produces a single exceptional estate wine each season. To emphasise this we’ve pared the identity back to a black and white palette. We’ve made a feature of the type, letting it ‘speak’ to the customer. &Co breaks convention with more traditional looking wine brands, topped off with the uniquely cool closure of a crown seal, we’re not at all upset that once opened we have to drink the whole bottle.” (via inhousedesign)

I truly love stuff like this. Simple but great layouts, thoughtful design, all in all a great visual identity.

Another example are the works of INHOUSE for CARAVAN, a restaurant, bar and coffee roastery from London, UK. In my opinion it is perfect.

When I see something like this, I get jealous. I just want to have a coffee brand, a winery or at least a brand for pencils to get a visual identity like the ones above. Maybe I start making more of better taste than sorry? I need to find someone who can help me with my style. I love the layout and simplicity of this blog (thanks to Information Architects), but I need more. A business card, stationary, and every thing else.

May be you think that this minamlistic, black/white design with stamps and lines is trend right now. But I don’t care. It looks great, it works well and I like it.

Here are some more works of INHOUSE:

Once again I found their amazing works at Below The Clouds, it is such a great source of inspiration and great stuff.

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Outstanding works of INHOUSE