As you know I am really into crafting. I like to get my hands on some materials to make something. Like my desk project. But it’s not only this one thing, I almost produced everything in my apartment with my own hands.

My bed, nightstand, lamps, and some other things. Here you can see some pictures of my older apartment. I also crafted the countertops in our kitchen.

It was not that big of a deal. I didn’t like the stuff from IKEA and other furniture department stores. I didn’t safe a lot of money but at least it looks the way I wanted it and it’s handmade.

I really love creating my own stuff. It brings you closer to the thing. Every time I sit at my current desk, I feel kind of proud, although I am not satisfied with it anymore. But it’s MY DESK. And that’s the most important thing.

Sometimes I don’t get it, people build their own websites as individual as possible and spend hours and hours on that until it fits their personal taste. But the desk, where they sit to build the website, is the same one millions of other people work on as well. They don’t care. But why? It’s the same with the bed where they spend most of their life. I want my whole living space the way I want it. I see it the same way like Lloyd Kahn. In the description it says: “Lloyd Kahn claims that shelter is more than a roof over your head.” I agree.

When I saw the short film about Lloyd Kahn, a DIY-man and author of home construction books, it got me. I wanted to build something right away. It’s pure enjoyment to listen to this man.

I used to build a lot of stuff with my dad and my grandfather. I remember the time when it was not always pleasure to make stuff. There were times when I was feeling kind of annoyed and embarrassed. I thought “Why can’t we just buy something, instead of sitting in the basement and build on this shelf or this wardrobe hours and hours.”

But now I get it, I wish I could turn back the time and build more stuff with my dad. But I will do, next spring! The desk will be a product of my dad and me, and I am looking forward to it.

(I found the video via a tweet of The Scout)

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