The desk – an update

A while ago I asked some questions about how you imagine the perfect desk. I went further on, I asked the same two questions some other people. Among them were people like Markus Albers – author and expert when it comes to the future of work, Erik Spiekermann – designer, typographer and one half behind edenspiekermann, other people from the online design scene, like Jean Aw, Maria Popova, Max Ritt, Stefan Boublil, and many others. And the great thing is that I am constantly in exchange with creative minds like Malte Christensen, Igor SchwartzmannPhilipp MöhringJohannes Kleske or Kai Müller. These people give me inspiration and ideas and I can talk with them about these thoughts and ideas, I can see if I go into the correct direction. And I am also in contact with people who know how to handle different materials as metal and wood, in order to see what ideas are possible.

The work on my desk is not that simple and I thought that I could handle the project before my diploma. But my diploma needs more attention than I thought and since I have a few other things to take care of, I need to postpone the project to next spring. But so far I will work up the information I’ve got so far and collect more inspiration and ideas for the perfect desk of creative minds.
Inspiration like the video below, Johannes pointed out to an article about Massimo Vignelli’s Desk. The article mentions a short film, made by Imaginary Forces, called The Desk. A film where creatives talk about their relationship to their desks and how this reflects their personality and habits. It gives a lot of useful information, especially for the emotional aspect of a desk. And Massiomo’s picture of leaving a desk with leftovers is plain awesome!

I am looking forward to focus on my desk project when I am done with my studies. It will be the perfect relief after a long time of “mind work”, to get my hands on some things and create something!

And if you still haven’t answered my questions yet, I would be happy to get some more infos. And let me ask another question, which came into my mind while I saw the film. Are you more the tidy desk person like Massimo Vignelli or more the creative-chaotic type like David Miller? (I am totally a Massimo Vignelli as you can read in the current edition of the DMIG mag)

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The desk – an update