A tribute to Phillip T. Annand

You know I have big respect for makers. People who do instead of talk. And Phillip T. Annand is a textbook example of a maker (but he also knows how to talk about it). Phillip is a college student from New Jersey but with a big connection to New York City. He writes, designs, proves good taste when it comes to fashion, music or food. Here is a little tribute to a man everyone should know.

The Award Tour

I first stumbled upon Phillip’s work via his streetwear line The Award Tour about two years ago. I love the style. Unfortunately I never accomplished to order anything. The online shop is always sold out. The last time he dropped a collection it was sold out within 15 minutes. Totally deserved, the collection is always designed and produced by himself, so it’s limited and it looks incredibly good. Not only the apparel itself but also everything around the brand is designed pretty well, I like the aesthetic appearance. Take a look at the video and the photos for example:


Phillip is also an author of the online magazine hypebeast, where he reports about music, fashion and features his own projects. I like his writing style. The combination of personality, deep insight and of course his taste.

The Madbury Club

In my opinion The Madbury Club is the hottest stuff on the web right now. At Johannes blog we were just discussing about producing deep content and curating instead of only sharing. Since the start of the Madbury Club in June this year, Phillip T. Annand and his team are doing the perfect job. They produce content which is incredible, not only visually but also when it comes to the topcis and the reprocessing of the content. Music, style, life, art… these are the main topics, but even a post (or ‘spread’ how is it called at Madbury) about a sandwhich can look amazing.

Maybe some of you don’t get the system of the blog/magazine/publication and get lost in between the single articles/spreads or features. But who cares? That is exactly the idea behind it – getting lost in the awesome world of the Madbury Club.

To anyone who’s asked What is the point of Madbury? or expressed that they “don’t get it.” –
(…) Call it an online magazine, call it a huge blog, call it a publication. Just know that Madbury doesn’t have to be selling something to make a point. We can drop a three minute video of us shooting a lookbook in Staten Island because it gives a portrait of the process. We can release a spread and video of us playing basketball in the latest Jordan releases because we’re trying to do more than your normal product coverage. Sure, we could have photographed the shoes, done a blog post, and been stoked we got a boat load of free shoes like mosteveryone else, but…why? (…)
But for the record, for those who need a definitive statement, Madbury does have a point. The point is that we’re going to take you deep like the first bar of this Outkast song. We’re not going to give you what everyone else is. I guess that’s why to a certain group of folks the Madbury content doesn’t make sense. It’s a change of pace and more importantly I guess it’s something new. And we all know that “new” doesn’t always make sense at first.
Remember when cell phones were new? Yup. No one understood the “point” of those either. You have a perfectly good phone in the house why would you want one in the car and in your pocket? But now everyone and their seven year old cousin owns one. Sometimes you have to do what you can to usher in a little change. We’re just getting started.
” (via his latest blog post at hypebeast)

As I mentioned Phillip teamed up with different creatives like the director Kellen Dengler, or the amazing photographer Vincent Picone aka Skinny Vinny and then they create stuff like this:

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  • Florian

    Der Artikel ist absolut großartig. Ich habe gestern Abend bestimmt eine Stunde damit verbracht, allen Links nachzugehen und mich inspirieren zu lassen.

    Der Madbury Club ist ja sowieso das Allergrößte. So etwas sollte man in Deutschland auch mal machen! Ich habe ja schon länger etwas in diese Richtung geplant…

    Danke für deine Mühe!

  • Markus Reuter

    Wow, danke Florian! Erstens, dafür dass du dir den ganzen Artikel angetan hast und dann auch noch den Links folgst! Das freut mich.
    Ja, finde den Madbury Club auch derbe gut. Vor allem das Chaotische, die Aufforderung zum stöbern und verloren gehen gefällt mir.
    Es zeigt, dass es auch ohne klare Struktur und zu viel Erklärung geht.

  • MarcoBerlin

    Hey, schließe mich euren Meinungen an :) Als ich vor der Veröffentlichung der Seite den Video Trailer gesehen hab, dacht ich mir auch, BOA was haben die denn vor? Was ist der Madbury Club?!?
    Text sowie Layout sind echt klasse. Tolle Aufmachung der Seite! Da wird Blog Lesen zu einem Erlebnis!

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A tribute to Phillip T. Annand