Chinatown Soccer Club

While I was in New York, I was hanging around in Chinatown every once in a while. I often went to the Dumpling House on Eldridge Street with a friend of mine. Sometimes for lunch, sometimes for hangover breakfast. One of the best street foods I ever had. Just around the corner was a soccer field. And most of the time we sat down next to the field to watch the guys playing – The Chinatown Soccer Club. But more and more I find these guys on the web and I kind of like it.

“The Chinatown Soccer Club is a crew of artists, photographers, designers, writers, skatebaorders and all-around good people that meets your-round for friendly soccer matches in New York City’s Chinatown.
We came togerher back in 2002, when the World  Cup in Korea and Japan inspired us to meet a few mornings a week to sharpen our own soccer skills.
Since then The CSC has grown steadily, embracing friends and acquaintances from the downtown creative community.
A few years on, and even in the dead of winter,  the love of soccer still gets us out of bed to hava a kick-around before heading off to work.
It’s the beautiful game. But most of all, it’s the firendships forged on the field.”

That’s what the about page of the CSC says.

I don’t really know what to say. It is such an easy but awesome thing. You have an idea – You meet and share one passion – You get together more and more and start creating things around this meet up. Then you make an exhibition with photos of the people and print a book (CSC zine), then you have a big sports company who wants to make a special soccer shoe with you, and a jersey. A cool bag company wants to create a special soccer bag with you and a video game company makes a report about you. In the end you have even your own wallpaper. Crazy? Sure but awesome as well.

It is such an impressive and inspiring project, there you see what collaboration is all about! If you google “Chinatown Socer Club” you will find so much interesting stuff. I love it!

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Chinatown Soccer Club