Food, chocolate and brainstorming…

During the Design Week in Vancouver in April this year, the The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) organized a dinner. It was called Dinner with a Side of Design. People from different areas came together to discuss different topics, to answer questions, to draw, to sketch and to enjoy a delicious dinner.

I love the idea. Why? You combine two things: delicious food and design. And you bring these two parts together at a lovely event. And I reported about similar dinners already. The apartment dinner organized by Stefan Boublil. And HEL YES, the design dinner during the London Design Week. And within the second blog post I mentioned to organize such a dinner my self. And I will. But not this year anymore (I am quite busy) but definitely next year. In the meantime I will plan and organize the evening, so it will become something big!

In fact, a long while ago I sent a tweet to Stefan Boublil that I would love to have a dinner with people like him, Michael Surtees, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Jean Aw. He agreed right away and said that we could do it in the Meet. Crazy thing was, that I was in Hamburg, Germany¬†and I wasn’t able to fly to NY right away. But I haven’t forgotten the idea and I hope that we still can do the dinner one day.

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Food, chocolate and brainstorming…