iGNANT redesign and relaunch

Yeah, one of my best buddies I met through this whole blogging and twitter thing is Clemens of iGNANT. We have been in London and Munich together. We actually just met in real life this year during a longer stay in Berlin. But since then we have been in contact, gave feedback to each other and helped out if we could.

And just a few minutes ago Clemens announced a relaunch. A complete makeover with a new logo and a new blog layout. Unfortunately now I have to change the previews to iGNANT on my network page. But a task I am happy to do.

I really like the new design. It’s clean, neatly arranged and visualizes what iGNANT stands for:

“..an interdisciplinary blog, which offers a platform for creative impulses by the topics photography, art and design.”

Congrats, Clemens! Great result, the work was worth it!

And by the way I just saw one of the tastiest works by Clemens:

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iGNANT redesign and relaunch