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A while back I met Open Studio and the two behind it. From that time on, I figured out that Julia and Kai are friends of friends of mine, Guido and Eva. And Julia and Kai became friends of mine as well. And also a while back we’ve been joking about having lunch together, although Kai and Guido were in Düsseldorf and I was in Hamburg.

But since we were all on skype, we thought of having lunch together infront of our screens, with a distance of 500km. We planned a day and time, hooked up via skype and had a very nice lunch together. We talked about our work, about some interesting stuff we’ve been seing and any other topic. We thought about our current situation, that we all sit in our offices, or at home and sometimes it would be nice to have lunch like this, not separated by the space. So, why shouldn’t we repeat this? We did.

Now we are opening: we want to meet other people, have some lunch, talk about this and that. And maybe someone of you wants to join. We started a little facebook group, where you can join us and if you want to attend, you just need to comment on the date and time someone set. You can chose if you either want to join lunch with several people of just one on one, with video or without. It’s all possible but not a must.

Out next Skype Lunch will be tomorrow: Tuesday, 31st of November, 13.ooh (Berlin time). Wanna join?

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  • Schwertransporte

    Postet man hier jetzt in Deutsch und liest die Artikel in Englisch? Verwirrend, aber ok :-)
    Skype (Br/)Lunch gabs vor einem Jahr schonmal, sogar richtig Publik, soweit ich weiß. Na was heißt richtig, mein Kollege aus den USA hat mir davon erzählt, er würde immer per Skype “brunchen”.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Schwertransporte Hier geht es nicht darum, ob die Idee schon mal da war. Sondern, wir haben gemerkt, dass wir darauf Bock haben. Und vielleicht andere auch, deshalb machen wir es publik. Hier kann man auch auf Swahili kommentieren, wenn es dir besser gefällt. Und wenn du noch mal einen Link findest zu dem Skype Brunch, würde ich mich freuen, wenn du ihn hier postest.

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Skype Lunch