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In the last days I stumbled upon The Donut Project. For several days I always had at least one tab open with content of The Donut Project. The blog is a collective project by graduates of the Kent State University’s Visual Communication Design program.

The Donut Project was created as a place for us to share inspirational, cool, hilarious, unconventional and interesting links with each other. Shortly thereafter, The Donut Project was released to the masses – with the mentality that if we found these links interesting, chances are that other people would too. (via

I looked back into the history of their posts and there are a lot of overlaps between our blogs. So, no wonder I am in love with their work. And today I told them on twitter and they got right back to me. I like that.

Honestly the content at The Donut Project is really well chosen and curated. For example Cameron Moll’s talk about Good vs. Great Design. It takes some time. It is over an hour long but totally inspiring. Especially his point about the difference between getting influenced and getting inspired.

One of the posts which really impressed me was about an animated infographic, which was created by Buck for the documentary “Waiting for Superman”. I reported about the movie here already. Ricky Salsberry, editor of TDP, says “I think the video above is the best animated infographic I’ve ever seen.” And I think I have to agree. It is unbelievable:

So, do me a favor. Go to The Donut Project, wander around their blog, get inspired, follow them on twitter, and click ‘i like‘. They deserve it.

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  • Mig Reyes

    Definitely a great find and post, Markus. Having Ricky as a personal friend and fellow beer-drinking partner, I think TDP really captures the passion and taste of what Ricky and his crew have and believe in. They’ve turned me on to much of what’s hot (and what’s not!) in the design industry.

    For that, I thank them, and I thank you!

    Great work all around, gents.

  • Markus Reuter

    Hey Mig, thanks a lot for your comment! I am really impressed by the design scene in the United States. It looks like your bloggers keep up a great connection. I stumble upon your name, Ricky, Cameron Moll, Swiss Miss, and such pretty often. That’s impressive. I wish the German Design Bloggers would stick together like this. Maybe I just need to switch my place of residence. OR we get it managed that the connections start to cross borders!?! Any ideas?

  • Mig Reyes

    I think with the nature of the internet, we could easily start bridging the gaps of design culture. (In fact, I wish it happened more often.) That’s an idea right there: a design resource/blog (yes, another one) where contributors are selected from different countries.

    It’d be great to see the type of content that comes out if everyone posted something local to them.

    Just stirring the pot…

  • Danielle

    We also fell in love with their links and style. I really find them so inspiring every day, and have them on my Feed. They are the best Feed out of many that I look forward to hearing from.

    I love the way they frame artists and work, and in their videos add a touch of sentimentality to the scenarios. It’s fanstastic!

  • Markus Reuter

    @Danielle I totally agree! ;)

    @Mig Well the idea is not bad. But the work to start a new blog wouldn’t be necessary if we could start something like a weekly blogroll. Someone choses a topic and we discuss about it on our own platform, everyone gives feedback on his/her blog and other authors can comment, answer, get in contact with each other and such. The good thing would be that we support each other and create a connection and exchange…
    Would love to do that.

  • Ricky Salsberry

    I thanked you on Twitter via @TheDonutProject — but thanks again for the love. Much appreciated, helps keep me/us motivated.

    The internet makes the world very small. I run this site during my lunches and at night after watching hockey — and now I’m talking to a dude from Germany.

    A design/blogroll with contribs writing small pieces to an overarching topic sounds like a cool idea. I’d be in if that ever materialized.

    There are thousands of design blogs out there, some of which curate very well, but I feel there’s far less quality discussion being put out there. It’s easy to say “look at this cool shit” and much harder to try to solve problems thru discussion.

    Articles/discussion is our next step on TDP, and my next step personally.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Ricky Very well written. I totally agree to the problem with just sharing cool stuff and actually dealing with the topics, getting deeper into it and also criticize things. We were discussing about that topic on a buddy’s blog. I guess it would be pretty cool to start a blog and country overlapping discussion about stuff. I will think of something.
    And honestly you don’t need to thank me, I guess that it is exactly the part what we are here for.

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