The Glitch Mob

Last week I visited Kai of Open Studio in his office. We were talking about stuff and suddenly I mentioned the agressive but cool music in the background. It packed me right away, the sound was electrifying. I wanted to bang my head to the beats and pump up the volume to the maximum (which we did for a few seconds). The incredible three-piece electronic group The Glitch Mob was responsible for the sounds.

The group from Los Angeles consists of Ed Ma (edIT), Justin Boreta (Boreta) and Josh Mayer (Ooah). And since I heard the first beats, I can’t stop listening to them on SoundCloud. It drives me through the day. It is good for working, for cooking or (the best) to ride the bike through the streets. You must be careful though, the beat makes you wanna ride fast, very fast!

Get a foretaste here (be sure to turn up the volume or get headphones!):

Here is an awesome remix of the TRON trailer with the sounds of The Glitch Mob:

And I really want to see them live. Especially after I saw the following video:

Why did I report about it here? Because it is the perfect music to get your head free. Between working and writing and thinking it is perfect to turn up the volume and freak out for a few minutes! Thanks a lot Kai!

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The Glitch Mob