I need Delicious!

Oh, what is going on, after my post against bad service comes another short-tempered post? Hell yeah. Today the news of “Yahoo is shutting down delicious” hit me via several channels. But one of the biggest is twitter. To be honest, it sucks. I am really annoyed and angry. Why? Because I love delicious. It is one of my most used and most beloved online tools. I even share my bookmarks with you on my More Of Me page.

Why do I love it? The reason is simple. When it comes to information you need some kind of filtering. AND a great memory. The bookmark service delicious helps me filtering and saving links sustainably. If you don’t know how it works, I will give a short description: imagine you are on a website and you think this article/product or anything else within the content might be interesting for you in future or for others. Then you click the plugin icon of your browser and a little window pops up. It asks you to add a description to the link, tags (which is the important thing to find the link again later) and you can send it to other users.

And that was one of the greatest features: to share links. Maybe the link won’t be interesting for everybody, so shouting it out via twitter or on facebook might not be the right way. And if you wanna make sure that a certain person gets the link, twitter or facebook is definitely not the right tool. Sending an email? Sucks. So…with delicious you could do it all in one work step: you can save it for yourself and share it with others. When I get bookmark suggestions, I see it in my email client, I imported the RSS feed. And when you save a link and if you also want to shout it out to the world, there was also a connection to twitter and facebook and…

Or imagine you’ve been working on a project and you just want to collect bookmarks for that certain topic, share it with others, agree on a certain tag and add it to all the links, and you are all set.

I used delicious for this kind of service a lot. For example I also use it with Malte to share interesting links. Sometimes we ask each other if we know a good source for this and that, so we send each other delicious bookmarks, because we both know we could use that link later again and not just for now.

So far I’ve got 1314 bookmarks in my collection. And I am really annoyed that this great service is shutting down. But I already got the message to switch to Pinboard or Diigo. I will take a look at it. I hope there is a way to import delicious bookmarks with all the tags. And that you can share bookmarks with other users. But the most important thing is to switch to a service where all the other users of my delicious network are going.

Thank You Yahoo, you suck!

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I need Delicious!