Top 10 Whatever 2010

Hell yeah, my first Top 10 Whatever list. I don’t like lists, I just wanted to name some cool stuff I first met or experienced in 2010. And the name “Top 10” just sounds cool. My list will include anything, from music to food, from apps to conversation. There is no order I have chosen randomly.

Top Conversational Topic

While I was in Shanghai I had a conversation with Alexander Mankowsky, the futurologist of Daimler, Sebastian Handke and some other journalists. We have been talking about German culture and its transformation. Sebastian mentioned the German language and how beautiful it is. We’ve been talking about the amazing strength of German words and how they are created. For example the word “Schmetterling” (butterfly). It is a combination of words, “schmettern” is usually a rough word like “to batter or to clash” and “-ling” is a belittling ending – so the rough word becomes very soft just by adding an downplaying ending. Or in German we have words other languages don’t have, like “Schadenfreude” (some special kind of mischievousness) or “Wunderkind” and “Ohrwurm” (a song that is stuck in your head). I love these words which describe something very special.

Top Future Online Tool

Marcel has some brilliant ideas every once in a while. is definitely one of the bests since I know him. The idea is as smart as simple. will be a plattform, a network like twitter but with a special focus – online texts. If you read a very good article on NY Times online and you like to share it, you look for a quotable sentence which mirrors the text pretty good and then you mark it with the cursor. You push the browser add on button and then the text will be quoted. You can add a comment, mention other users who you think will be interested in this article and add some tags. The good thing is, if you use a and you stumble upon an article or blog post, which has been quoted by an other user, you will see the browser plugin telling you abut it. Some more other features will be added, like a collection of quotes within a single article page on …

Top Service

In a long blog post I got into a fuss about several services. But I also mentioned that the host All-Inkl had some incredible service. So far, they didn’t upset me. Quite the contrary, they surpassed all my expectations. Within minutes I always received their response, every time with answers I was not only able to understand, but also able to solve the problems myself. So I was able to learn it myself and will be able to fix things in future myself. I am very happy that better taste than sorry is running on All Inkl now.

Top Cooking Blog Post

I love food. And I love reading about food. Especially when a blog post is written like the one by Ashley of not without salt. Her blog post Duckfest was inspiring, delicious and also brings up a very interesting topic – the awareness for the origin where food comes from. I think the experience of slaughtering makes you handle food, especially meet, more aware.

Top Song Cover

Just two days ago Marcel mentioned a French girl named Captain Lou, who is covering Bands like Mumford & Sons, Beach House or Bon Iver. But she does not only cover pretty well, her interpretations of those songs are amazing! Honestly. She handles her guitar really talented and has an amazing voice. Her good taste for the cover songs also help a little.

Top Addictive Online Tool

Yes, I am a materialistic human being. I love things: apparel, tech stuff, accessoires, kitchen utensils … And I like buying stuff. Svpply helps organizing the things you wish for. It is basically an online wish list, like the one of Amazon, but more aesthetical displayed and open for anything. I am addicted to adding stuff to my list and wandering around the lists of others.

Top Making Plans

In the last months I have been making plans with my girlfriend for next year. And I love our plans, which include travelling plans, and plans for going abroad for a while. All plans are not set for sure yet, but just to imagine going away with her makes me smile and impatient for 2011.

Top Gadget

Usually I am not really clumsy but in the last month I lost my headphones. I must have lost them during a train ride or in a shop, I am not sure. I couldn’t stand running around with good headphones, so I looked online for some new ones. My last ones were AKGs, the standard K 581 DJ. I liked them a lot, the workmanship and the sound quality. I wanted to stay with AKG, and then I stumbled upon the Quincy Jones Signature Line. And I am more than happy with the AKG Q460. The sound quality is amazing. They are loud. You can fold them together. It has a little case, two different detachable cables. And one contains a mic, which I can use with my iPhone (and for Skype).

Top Live Concert

I am not sure which concert was the best one. But since I am deciding between two concerts of the same act, I will name both. This year’s Haldern Pop was incredible, again! The headliner was The Tallest Man on Earth. Since the first day I know about him (thanks to Kai) his music enchains me. And seeing Kristian Matsson live on stage, open air, in a warm and clear summer night, with thousands of people having goosebumps like you do, was very VERY impressive. I get goosebumps when I sit here remembering it. A few moths later, The Tallest Man on Earth was on tour. A tiny tour with just a few concerts in Germany. I bought a ticket for the show in Cologne. Just a few days before the concert I found out that his girlfriend (or wife?) Amanda Bergman aka Idiot Wind was the supporting act. Kristian’s voice is incredible, Amanda’s as well, but seeing them both on stageat the same time was mesmerizing.

Top Project

I am part of several projects, but organizing a whole conference beats several things. Planning the Cognitive Cities Conference in Berlin next February with all those inspiring and creative people is honestly not a job, it is fun, it is inspiring. I can gain at least as much as I am giving into the project. Thank you Martin SpindlerAxel QuackWelf Kirschner, Third WaveYour Neighbours and Fabian Mürmann for being a part of it.

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Top 10 Whatever 2010