A collaborative map of New York City

As we all know New York is THE city. Jay-Z knows it, Woody Allen knows it, even this little girl knows it. And from September 2005 till September 2006 I spend a year abroad in NYC. I was an Au Pair for a family in SoHo. It was a great year. I was also able to work as a volunteer for Amnesty International. Of course within one year I was able to make a lot of friends, saw some amazing things and finally fell in love with this city. Of course it is not all good, Kermit knows what I am talking about, but there is no city like good old New York City.

Because of my experience people often ask me for some cool venues. Places, they need to see, good venues to eat, often they ask for something less touristic. I started to create a list. But then I thought why should I do a list for myself and then pass it along?
So, I started a Google Map. It is open for anybody. You can add places, I hope you do. I can guess there are many cool maps of NYC, but I want to create one with people I know (from real life or virtually). Or do you have another idea to create a collaborative map of New York City? I want to create a map we can all benefit from.

So, I ask you to add some cool places. And feel free to pass it along. Thanks.

Addition (9.01.11)

Michael Surtees also created a map of his personal NYC. You should check it out. You can also add the map to your Google account.

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A collaborative map of New York City