The Waterhouse and Table No 1

On the first night in Shanghai we went out for dinner, into a brand new design hotel right at the South Bund, the Waterhouse. The restaurant itself is called Table No 1, and I must say that was one of the top food experiences I ever had. But also the venues, hotel and restaurant, are totally worth to be mentioned here. Props to Mercedes that they chose this place for dinner.

The Waterhouse

The intimate boutique hotel opened in May 2010. Shanghai-based Neri & Hu Design and Research Office (NHDRO) created a wonderful place where rustic old parts were joined by modern design. The building itself has industrial roots and the still resisting elements are not only used but highlighted with the help of the fusion with modern elements.

“The hotel’s design philosophy is based on a blurring or an inversion of  internal & external spaces, creating a disorienting yet refreshing spatial experience for  guests in search of  something out of the ordinary.”

The interior is a great collection of clean design classics, the combination of wood, white walls and concrete is simple and perfect.

“The hotel features a significant collection of designer furniture – possibly more than in any other hotel in China – including selected works by leading names such as Arne Jacobsen, exemplar of the “Danish Modern” style; Finn Juhl, the master of functionalism in furniture design; Hans Wegner, one of the most innovative Danish furniture designers”

Table No 1

The restaurant is led by Executive Chef Jason Atherton from UK and Head Chef Scott Melvin from Scotland. The menu is assembled with culinary pleasures from all over the world. Check the menus and get a glimpse of the perfect food they created. And with perfect I mean PERFECT!

That night we had a PERFECT menu. The food came in different courses and was placed in the middle of the table, the guests were asked to share the dishes. Basically the traditional Chinese way to eat with groups. Also check out Tom and Jen’s review of the Table No 1.

Our menu contained White Crabs, Razor Clams with Chorizo, Tuna Tartar, Sauteed Mushrooms, Aged Beef Sirloin, Steamed Sea Bream, an incredible selection of desserts. But the best course was Braised Beef Cheeks with Potato Puree, and a delicious Red Wine Sauce. Truly this course was a culinary dream.

So far the hotel and the restaurant got my full attention, but when I saw the following thing, I fell in love with it. The saying “the stomach carries the heart” is pure poesy and can’t be more true. Respect!

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  • Tom

    Was just looking at and up came a picture of Waterhouse – really interested to see it was yours.

    My friend actually works at the architects and I think they did a really good job with the space. Some of the detailing is slightly poor (but I think that is a generally problem with finishes in China) – but overall a great industrial space!

    Hope you enjoy Shanghai.

  • Markus Reuter

    Oh yes, I enjoyed Shanghai a lot. Although I have to admit, I only saw the western parts of the city. It would have been interesting to see the more traditional parts of Shanghai. But the developments in design, architecture and food in Shanghai is incredible.

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The Waterhouse and Table No 1