Tidenhub 2011

Last year, I organized an event called Ignite. Basically it was a night where people showed a short presentation about things they love. Projects, which were more than just a hobby. Passion, ambition, attitude, emotions, love – these are words, which describe it pretty well. Within 6 minutes and 40 seconds people “ignited” the crowd with their ambition towards their car, their blog, their city or anything else their hearts are beating for.

This year, we got rid of the official brand behind all this. We thought that not the brand should be in focus but the people, the projects, the ideas themselves. And that is the reason why we came up with Tidenhub. If you are in Hamburg on March 10th, you should definitively stop by.

Tidenhub – it’s the German word for tidal range. The vertical difference between high tide and low tide. The up and down. You can compare it to the emotional rollercoaster you experience when you have your own project. The emotional high when everything is going the way you want it to and the emotional low when you suffer one setback after the other. These are the waves you ride when you do your own thing!

Tidenhub has also another connection to our event. We would like to focus on projects, ideas and people from Hamburg. We all enjoyed this part at the last event. It created even a bigger connection between the participants. Since tidal range is a geological phenomenon, which only appears through the water, and Hamburg is THE German seaport, the name fits perfectly to the location AND to the attitude of the participants.

I am looking forward to the event. The last time was a blast as you can read here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. But this year Tidenhub will be featured with some interesting new parts.

More infos will follow soon, stay tuned. And follow us on twitter.

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Tidenhub 2011