A tribute to Eike König

Do you remember this interview with Eike König from winter 2009? That was awesome! And here is one more. 9 minutes and 37 seconds of pure inspiration. Eike talks about the way he works:

have fun, feel safe, play, be creative, learn new things, surprise – like kids.

His way of looking at “playful design” and “design education” is truly inspiring. It just makes sense. And he is not only talking about it – with his agency HORT, he is in a position to live what he is talking about. Their clients want to work with HORT because of the way they work, because of the playful design.

So, I need to bow down before Eike König. The way he puts his passion into words is just mesmerizing.

Big “thank you” to Plikums, a platform to gather stuff about and for the Latvian creative & design industry, for making this interview with Eike König.

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A tribute to Eike König