Eyey, do you remember my undertaking to build a better desk? Better than any other desk. At least for myself. Everybody’s needs are different. Don’t worry, the project is NOT put on ice. I will do it, I promise. (Besides being busy with other stuff) I am still gathering information, inspiration and experience. And people are helping me.

Like Martin. He tweeted me a link to a blog of a guy named Jordan Patterson, his blog is called The Cheap Geek. His undertaking was basically the same as mine. He wanted a desk. And then he designed (with Google sketchup!) and builded his own desk.

That is the result:

Ok, it is not the final result. But I really like the picture above. There you can see it is crafted, by hand! The result is a desk with eight legs, two of them have a hole inside, so cables can fit through. The table top has a channel underneath so the cables can run from the legs to the hole through the table top. Easy, sleek, minimal. That is the design and it was also Jordan’s intention.

My opinion? It is nice. But I am currently in a different mood. Minimal is good, and sleek, too. But the table looks pretty clean right now, too clean for me. Just an iMac, a bluetooth keyboard, a bluetooth mouse (not Apple?), iPhone, iPad, a plant and a lamp/microphone (?). But I am also a paper person. I am scribbling, taking notes, having post-its all over the desk… I am chaotic lover of order. There is not even a drawer for a pen on Jordan’s desk?

In my opinion, Yiting Cheng had the best solution so far (I reported here). He had the idea of a slick drawer within the table top. Combined with a clever solution for cables and stuff…
And I am more and more in love with the traditional desk frame by Egon Eiermann. Maybe the solution will not be that fancy anymore. But the solution doesn’t need to do more than fulfill all my needs. Let’s see.

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