From Inspiration to Innovation

Matt Schoenholz, Creative Director at Frog Design, talks about the way from inspiration to innovation and happens in the middle. Honestly I don’t know what to add. This talk from the TEDxPugetSound is personal, inspiring, motivating = perfect. Frog Design is one of my most adored companies/agencies, and Matt Schoenholz proves why.

“Matt Schoenholz, Creative Director at Frog Design, is passionately involved in exploring the power of design and communication and the importance of storytelling, believing it is through these tools that compelling products and services are positioned for market success.
Matt explains that taking an idea back to its essence allows the concept to face physical shape. The path that takes products from conception to reality is not always linear.”

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  • Misc. Portland Design Leader

    Completely disagree. This is nothing new. I have heard the words Foster, Mentor, and Nurture (specifically) for a number of years. What he says is nothing new or original. I love new perspectives- but this isn’t new.

    Absolutley boring. Matt seems like a knowledge able person but what he says needs to be balanced with how he says it. Not inspiring.

    Design and Innovation is exciting. Let’s hear and see excitement. Not another slide show of Yosemite! Yes, nature is profound.

    Constructive Criticism…

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From Inspiration to Innovation