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A few weeks ago I reported about the ARTE Creative project of iGNANT. But today I stumbled upon another project of ARTE Creative – From Sketch. The Berlin based agency Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur had the idea to make interviews with people but let them sketch their story at the same time.

“What makes a creative mind tick? And what does their life look like on an A3 piece of paper? In the web series “From Sketch” the Berlin based Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur follows dynamic figures from the art scene as they work asking them to visualize and illustrate their projects and business models in a simple sketch, which they then explain in an interview. In the first episode: Tonia Welter, Ingo Niermann, Régine Debatty, Hannah Hurtzig, Rafael Horzon and Rimini Protokoll.” (via

To be honest the interviews are ok. No breaking news, not the most inspirational stories. Although, I like the story of entrepreneur Rafael Horzon (video below).

BUT I like the idea. Visualizing talks in sketches is pretty happening right now. Take RSAnimate for example, all the design thinking stuff, or the visual sense maker Anna Lena Schiller, who is visualizing talks at conferences (the CoCities Conference for example) or events at the Good School. Her work is amazing. Honestly, you need to see it live.

BUT how about making people sketching their talks themselves. I love it when people explain things to me by sketching some stuff on paper. Idea: making an event where people present stuff, but not with prepared slides but with a pen and paper. Maybe that is a good idea for the next tidenhub. Or maybe for a complete different event. What do you think?

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  • Anna Lena

    Moin! Danke für die Blumen :) Großartige Idee mit Präsentationen selber zeichnen, macht das mal! Wir wollten bei up.front mal probieren wie das ist, wenn ich Präsen live visualisiere, wird bestimmt auch spannend.

    Und kennste die Dame hier? Die lässt ihre Interviewgäste drei Antworten zeichnen, auch ganz fantastisch

    P.S.: ‘From Sketch’ find ich super, nur den Lautstärkeregler des Quietsche-Edding sollten sie mal runterfahren ;)

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