New York food souvenirs

New York was a total food trip. And I had to bring two souvenirs back to Germany. On my list of must-see places during the trip was the brooklyn kitchen. You can find that foodie paradise on the border of Williamsburg. Of course most of the people could be called hipster, but nonetheless this place is boon and bane for a foodie at the same time.

Besides a great selection of chosen kitchenware, you can find a huge collection of things for brewing your own beer, a kitchen for workshops, but also the some chosen products, like organic rice, flour, or olive oils. Within the brooklyn kitchen another store is integrated: the Meat Hook – a pretty cool butcher.


But I also had a reason to visit the brooklyn kitchen. It was time to get a new knife. A good kitchen knife. And previously I read online that they have a good knife selection there.

After getting my selection down to two knives, one of the employers suggested to test them right away. So, he gave me a carrot and I could test the two knives in a final round.

What can I say? A 6-inch chef knife called Messermeister Meridian elité won the battle. The other knife looked a little better, especially the wooden handle. But the Messermeister is perfectly balanced. The cutting was totally easy. After two weeks of usage, I am still convinced that the decision was right. A perfect knife for a reasonable price.

And Messermeister offers a pretty cool service. You can register your knife, in order to have a life time guarantee. It’s like registering your cool new technical device, like your mac, but for your knife … so cool.

Food Rules

Another souvenir I had to take back to Germany was a little paperback with the title Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual. Written by famous food writer Michael Pollan.

“Eating doesn’t have to be so complicated. In this age of ever-more elaborate diets and conflicting health advice, Food Rules brings a welcome simplicity to our daily decisions about food.” (via

But for me Food Rules is much more than a manual. It is a collection of famous sayings and traditions about food. I think I’ve heard most of these rules already from my grandma. But I love rules like this. Take a look at the selection of rules listed below. I had the idea to cut out the best rules, frame them and hang them up in my kitchen.

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  • Hakan Tee

    Regarding the “It’s not food if”-flick:

    Enjoy a world without “Cordon Bleu”, “Dim Sum” “Pho”-Soup, Omelettes, Cheese and a whole bunch of more tastyness.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Daniel If you don’t put it into your carry-on luggage but into the real suitcase, it is totally ok.
    @Hakan Tee A Cordon Bleu is something totally different than a Big Mac. If you want to compare it, you should call the Big Mac a “burger”. And still, the saying has nothing against a burger but against a Big Mac. These things have the exact name all around the world, because it is produced with the same suspect ingredients. In every country they are the same because of some weird additives. But the things you name are special menues or recipes, which have their names because of the national origin. You can call a Cordon Bleu also a “gefülltes Schnitzel” or the idea of Dim Sum is basically the same as in Spanish tapas. And cheese is called “Käse” in Germany or “fromage” in France. There is a big difference, don’t you see it?

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New York food souvenirs