One year #walkingtoworktoday

Happy anniversary! Exactly one year ago I started the project #walkingtoworktoday. Each day I take one photo. It started with one photo a day on my way to work (like the projects name). I was influenced by Michael Surtees, who started the whole thing. In May I wrote a little first résumé. After a while I decided to shoot one photo each day, not only on my way to work. Sometimes there were cooler subjects to take photos of in the afternoon or late at night. Sometimes I forgot to take the picture in the morning.

Within 365 days I took 257 photos. All photos are collected on flickr, in the #walkingtoworktoday set. There are pictures of funny things, awkward things, interesting things, random things. Photos from several places all over Germany: mostly Hamburg, but also Berlin, Munich, Würzburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart. During that year I was in London, Venice, Shanghai, an New York. Even one photo from above the clouds.

There are photos of street art, architecture, food, people, animals, tv program, cars and many more. There is one photo I even called my best photo 2010.

Flickr offers to look at a map of photos from a special set. Here you can find the map of #walkingtoworktoday. You can look through the set and see where the photos were shot.

All the photos were shot with my iPhone. In the beginning most of them with the app Hipstamatic, sometimes with the app Pudding, in the last time I mostly used Instagram.

Tomorrow starts year 2, and I am looking forward to write my report in 365 days. The collection of photos is a great way to see what happened during the year, like a visual diary. You should try it.

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  • Julia

    Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and stopped to say that I loved it! Your visual diary of the #walkingtoworktoday is awesome, great stuff. I’ll definitely stop by more often. Greetings from Brazil. Cheers!

  • Andreas

    Klasse Projekt! Finde sowieso, dass man mehr spontane Bilder machen sollte. Kleine Momente festhalten – auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, beim Einkaufen, …

    Denke darin liegt auch der Reiz und Erfolg von – in der Einfachheit.

  • Florian

    Glückwunsch! Jetzt habe ich auch endlich kapiert, warum nicht nur Fotos vom Arbeitsweg darunter sind :)

    Der Anspruch, jeden Tag ein Foto zu machen, ist ein großer und großartiger. Rückblickend werden wieder so viele Erinnerungen wach. Außerdem überrascht mich jedes Mal aufs Neue, wie toll die Bilder der iPhone-Kamera sind.

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One year #walkingtoworktoday